TYP Push Up & Pull Up Improvement Program (E-BOOK)

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This program was created for the very specific purpose of increasing a person's ability to complete their max repetitions of push ups and pull ups. Over the next 6 weeks you will be completing 3 work days a week that are tailored to help you grow your push up and pull up numbers. You can decide how you would like to complete the work days each week. You can add this program into an already existing training program.

The first 3 weeks of this program will focus on the accumulation phase. The last 3 weeks we will be working on performing your pull ups and push ups from a fatigued state while still maintaining higher repetitions. 

If you've ever wanted to increase your Push Up and Pull Up numbers, this is the program for you. 

*The only equipment need is a way for you to do pull ups. 

*This Program comes as a download and will be sent to your inbox immediately following your purchase.