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Introducing the KETTLEBELL BEAST! This is our newest 8 week fitness program to assist Tactical Athletes crush their fitness goals. More specifically, Kettlebell Beast was created to allow the Tactical Athlete to train with limited space and equipment. This means you can utilize this program in the comfort of your own home, apartment, or Fire Station with minimal space and equipment needed. This program also allows people of all fitness levels to maximize their training based on their current level of fitness and abilities. This is our first fitness program where we allow the individual person to choose their own level of intensity for each workout.

With this program, we will guide you through 8 weeks of intense kettlebell focused workouts. There is also 30 Free Thirty Minute Kettle Only Workouts in the back of this program that you can add to your current training regimen.

This program includes:

  • Building your fitness foundation and creating habits
  • Sleep management 101
  • Understanding Nutrition basics
  • Nutrition Tips 
  • Recovery Stretches for individual body parts to maximize your recovery days
  • 8 week kettlebell fitness program to build strength and muscular endurance
  • Free 30 Thirty Minute Kettlebell Workouts to incorporate into your training
  • A list of almost 100 ways to use a Kettlebell for exercise

This version of our program comes as a download which you can then easily access at any time throughout the day from your phone, tablet or desktop. 


  • Kettlebell
  • Very minimal amount of space to workout